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Alion | Design & Development

design & development

An ode to your target audience.

We build digital user experiences that work. Whether you call it an app, site, tool, platform or campaign: we combine relevant design and robust technology to achieve your goals.

All expertise is in house. No outsourcing, no freelancers. A real team of experienced digital natives focused on your business goals and your target audience.

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Alion development and design responsive phone
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Our services

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With your knowledge of the end-user and our nose for digital, we create the best digital solutions for your needs.


From the general concept to the copy in the last button, everything we create is based on your target group.

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From corporate identity to a complete online brand experience: our UX, interaction and motion designers develop the best online experience for your brand or project.

Only digital?

Certainly not. For optimal communication, all channels connect. We can also help you with the design of supporting offline communication.

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A mix of open source platforms, cloud services and custom development. We will use a combination that works best for your project.

Tell me more!

We always advise you on the best technical approach. The digital field is constantly changing, and we are moving with it! One project calls for exciting innovations, the other for a more conventional approach. 

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Because of our unique composition of people, we have the expertise to go from good idea to a complete end product with an accompanying online campaign.


Landing pages, social media campaigns, (retargeting) ads and pre-rolls, we do it all!

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We build, host and manage your application on super fast, redundant hosting. We offer our "tried and tested" standard solution, or we can provide a custom solution for your needs.

Is it safe too?

Certainly. We excel in this area. Our infrastructure is managed by KPN and is physically located in the Netherlands. With a triple ISO certification (ISO 20000, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001), an ISAE 3402 type II accreditation and PCI-DSS and ISO 14001 compliant data centers, we can meet stringent requirements from, among others, financial service providers and pharmaceutical companies.

Our solutions

What our customers say

frequently asked questions

How quickly can you get started?

We are happy to help you as quickly as possible, both with small and large projects. Our way of working and planning makes us flexible, and we can often start within a few days of your request. We will provide you with an indication of the expected turnaround time in the starting phase.

Can I get a price estimate for my project?

Of course! If you send Robbert an email with your wishes or a briefing, we will provide you with a no-obligation proposal with at least a plan of action and a cost estimate.

What technical stack do you work with?

Although the developments at the technical level are moving faster than we can keep up on this website, we can "lift the veil" a little and mention a few frameworks with which we like to work with. Our front-end developers love React, Vue and Angular. We generally build customized back-ends, APIs and services in ASP.NET or .NET Core. Is a CMS desirable? Then we like working with Umbraco, but we can also work with Wordpress. In general, we always advise on the best technique for realizing your project. For technology also, one project calls for conventions, the other for exciting innovations.

Is it possible to only let the interaction and/or visual design made by you?

Of course! We can design a functional design for you with only the wireframes or we can create a complete prototype with an interactive click demo that can be delivered to your developers. Tell us your ideal way of working, then we can provide you with tailored advice.

I already have another party that takes care of the design, can you build it?

This is certainly possible. In this situation however, we prefer to maintain close, one-to-one contact with you designers. This is so that we can deliver the quality you expect from us.

I would like to host the project myself with my own web administrator. Is this possible?

Many of our customers have their own web team, so it's no problem to host the end product somewhere else. We prefer to have contact with your web team early in the process, so that we know for sure that our work meets your specifications.

Want to know more?

Do you have questions or do you want tailored advice for your organisation? Please contact us!