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Alion | Display Advertising

display advertising

Who (doesn't) want to see ads?

We know that your potential customer is not waiting for your ads. He wants to read an article, watch a video or update his social status. So how do you ensure it clicks between your brand and your audience? That's where we come in.

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Our services

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Audience analysis, full-funnel campaign schedules, dynamic ads and conversion optimised branding. No matter how large or small the project is, we always start with a strategic view of the market and your customers.

Strategic view? I want that click!

That click is what matters, so after the strategic start we keep looking if your message is optimal in every format.

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Every campaign is custom and our online advertising specialists come up with a new concept for each briefing. Fully adapted to the latest innovations in the field of display advertising.

Which display?

Every display and every channel. Rich media, in-app, digital out-of-home, social media, we do it all.

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During and after the launch your focus should be on the campaign, so we will not tire you with technical specifications. We ensure that your campaign runs smoothly with the right networks and on all screens.

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We have a saying in Dutch: "Meten is weten!" (measuring is knowing!). That is why we like to continue to be involved in the progress of the campaign even after the launch. Data-driven optimisation is here to stay.

Our solutions

  • Full Funnel Kickstart
  • Display advertising

  • Dynamic ads

  • Interactive ads

  • Rich Media ads

  • Digital Out of Home

  • Social ads

  • Video advertising

  • Ad hosting

  • Ad CMS

  • Ad branding guidelines

Our clients say

frequently asked questions

What is the production time for a display campaign?

In the most ideal situation, we take two weeks for the development of a display set. Then we are sure we have enough time for concept development and optimization, and you have enough time to look at it and provide us with any feedback. But we understand that sometimes it needs to be faster. Do you want to know what the fastest possible delivery time is for your campaign? Then contact us now and we'll discuss your wishes!

Which banner sizes can I have made by you?

We develop all kinds of display ads. From simple IAB sets and in-app banners to Digital Out of Home (DOOH) and Facebook carousels. Which formats are most suitable for your campaign depends on your objectives and where we can reach the target group. Conversion, branding? Mobile web, in-app? If you submit your campaign briefing, we would be happy to advise you on which formats are most suitable for the situation.

Do you make ads for every media network or platform?

We create banners for every network or platform. All of our creative developers are DoubleClick certified. We have a lot of experience with parties like Sizmek and Weborama and feel at home in GDN and Adform. Do you work with another company? Also not a problem, we have all the expertise to meet the desired specs. Moreover, we have direct, short lines of communication with most parties. That way you do not have to be 'in between'. Let us coordinate the technical details with the network or platform where your campaign will run, then you have your hands free and we can ensure the fastest possible implementation!

What do you need from me to start?

We have compiled a briefing document for you that can help you provide as much input as possible so that we can start ASAP. Can you not answer all the questions or are you still missing something? No problem. Send us what you have and then we will help you with the rest.

What does a set of ads cost?

This depends entirely on the number of formats, what kind of ads they are and what specifications are attached to them. As an indication, a set is usually between 1500 and 2500 euros. But this can also be much less. Or more. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote. Ted responds very quickly!

How does the production go from start to finish?

Every campaign starts with a graphic concept. This is a kind of storyboard for your ad that we develop based on your briefing and our experience in online communication. After we have processed your feedback and you are completely satisfied, we make the 'master ad'. This is a fully functioning and animated ad that serves as the basis for the entire set. Here, too, you can of course provide feedback and make adjustments to implementation. With your approval, we then translate this concept to all formats. Here we look at the best layout for the best result per size. When the banner set is completely finished and tested, we deliver the set to the desired media agency or zipped in your inbox. This way you can go live as quickly as possible.

I want to change my display ads, is that possible?

Yes, that's possible! For this we have developed the Alion Feedmanager. This is a kind of CMS for banners where you can adjust your banners live (!) at any time. Do you want a different color for the button, the copy changed or another picture in the background? No problem. You can adjust this yourself and put it live immediately. The feed manager is also ideal if, for example, you want multiple variants of the same set. You can then duplicate the set in the CMS and then upload it yourself in DCM, GDN or Adform. We would love to tell you more about what is possible with the feed manager, so please contact us!

I already have a design for a banner, can you make it into a HTML5 banner?

Of course! We look forward to receiving your designs, and then we can create a nice proposal for you.

Do you also want banners that click?

Curious about what we can do or would you like a quote? Email or call Niels!